Kids parties.

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Kids are never easy to entertain when you have a party to throw.
While you can have any entertainer show up, it is another thing if the childrens party really goes off with a bang for all the kids who turn up.
Animals, wildlife and reptiles are the sort of thing almost every child likes. After all, have you ever found a child who says they don't like dinosaurs?
In Melbourne, Ray Hoser started off a wacky idea he called the reptile party and at the time, he was thought of as a total lunaric. Other wildlife handlers derieded him as a moron and said kids would never allow themselves to be educated in a reptile party setting. Time has shown the critics to be wrong and Ray Hoser knew all along he was onto a winner.
He even went so far as to put his money where his mouth was and register the trademark, for the words reptile parties (several trademarks including numbers 1471562 and 1424645, which include pretty much everything to do with wildlife, reptiles and anything online).
Now he owns the exclusive right to advertise using the phrase and anything similar, this including the obvious phrases reptile party and reptile parties. As Hoser's fame spread, people started to promote the idea by word of mouth and of course in the digital age, this has mant people searching for Hoser online, using his brand name reptile parties. Of course unscrupulous imitators have also sought to cash in on Hoser's great idea and now use unethical means to steal from Hoser's ever increasing client base.
They do this by many means, including by making flase claims against Hoser, his family and his enterprise, but perhaps the most insidius way this is done is via a tactic known as black hat seo, or search engine optimisation.
This is done by using Hoser's registered trademark as a backlink to enable bogus websites to outrank Hoser's site in search engines such as the big one, Google. So bweare of inexperienced imitators.
If the company marketing themselves as reptile parties is not owned by the snake man Ray Hoser, you may have an imposter brand. You may be putting you and your kids at risk. Only Ray Hoser and his reptile parties have the expertise to have vet certified devemomized snakes to assure the safety of all and the welfare of the snakes. Only Ray Hoser and his company's genuine reptile parties have over 30 years expertise in the reptile business and an unmatched perfect safety record.
You will never see snakes getting attacked with sticks and tongs at a Hoser reptile party.
As you'd guess, Hoser and his company get real busy, especially in the warmer months, so book fast and early so you don't miss out. And have a camera handy as well for the big day7. You will need it!